Green Evolution Plus 45 - 60 - 80 kg

The perfect balance between efficiency and capacity. FAGOR INDUSTRIAL largest tumble dryers have also moved with the times. When power means profit and efficiency and capacity go hand in hand, these dryers are as robust and reliable as the past models but with increased power and much lower energy consumption. Highly energetic efficiency and very competitive prices in big production dryers.

• Standard stainless steel drum, with 1,2 mm thickness.

Transmission of movement
• Transmission by means of pulley and Poly-V belt.

  Model Capacity (kg) Production lb/h Heating power Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SR-45 MP E PLUS SR-45 MP E PLUS 50 117 54 el 1.270x1.085x2.380 Download
SR-45 MP G PLUS SR-45 MP G PLUS 50 117 60 G 1.270x1.085x2.380 Download
SR-45 MP S PLUS SR-45 MP S PLUS 50 117 91,3 V-S 1.270x1.085x2.380 Download
SR-60 MP E PLUS SR-60 MP E PLUS 67 156 72 el 1.270x1.345x2.380 Download
SR-60 MP G PLUS SR-60 MP G PLUS 67 156 90 G 1.270x1.345x2.380 Download
SR-60 MP S PLUS SR-60 MP S PLUS 67 156 128 V-S 1.270x1.345x2.380 Download
SR-80 MP E PLUS SR-80 MP E PLUS 83 195 72 el 1.270x1.577x2.380 Download
SR-80 MP G PLUS SR-80 MP G PLUS 83 195 120 G 1.270x1.577x2.380 Download
SR-80 MP S PLUS SR-80 MP S PLUS 83 195 128 V-S 1.270x1.577x2.380 Download
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