Professional dryers 8-10 kg

- Professional dryers, 8 and 10 kg capacity.

- Robust construction, panels in grey sandwich board.

- Industrial aluminium door with large diameter.

- Models with electronic programmer.

- Versatile machine configurable for self-service.

- Stackable on washer or dryer with the programmer at the bottom (between the two drums).

- Wide draw filter, not in the door.

- Electric heating with two possible configurations: 4.5 or 6.75 kW.

- Easy access to components to facilitate maintenance.

- Standard 400 V 3N voltage.

Can be converted to: 230 V 1+N



- Versatile model convertible to self-service.

- Option of stacking on top of the washer or another dryer, changing the control panel to the bottom.

- Panels in AISI 304 stainless steel.

- Plinth for better ergonomics.

- Other voltages and frequencies: 110V, 60 Hz.

  Model Capacity (kg) Drum ø x Depth Volume in l Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SRP-08 M E SRP-08 M E 8 590 x 585 160 680x698x1.040 Download
SRP-10 M E SRP-10 M E 10 590 x 720 200 680x772x1.040 Download
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